Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The REAL Reason Why BarackObama Won the Election

Barack Obama, the post-partisan candidate who recently won the election of 2012, defeated Mitt Romney so badly that Republicans across America want to know just how he did it. Despite Republican claims that Obama was a foreigner, assaults on his personal character and multilevel attempts of voter suppression across the country, President Obama seemed to effortlessly stride to victory. The truth of the matter is that Mitt Romney was never a worthy opponent for BarackObama in the first place.
Americans, it seems, have learned the lesson from President Bush that you can’t trust a double talking liar to lead the country effectively. For instance, Romney claimed to be against abortion, but  invested heavily in a company that disposed of aborted fetuses. 

As Mitt Romney flip-flopped his way down the campaign trail, the Obama campaign took carefully planned steps to ensure his second term. Everything from Mitt Romney’s stance on immigration to his renowned statement: “Let Detroit go bankrupt”, only added to his nefarious reputation.

While Romney built his campaign foundation on slander and negativity, BarackObama continued to build more campaign headquarters, until he had far more than Romney. In Ohio alone, BarackObama had 122 campaign headquarters, compared to Romney’s 40.
Every Republican that has ever become President has won Ohio; therefore, it would seem like Romney would have allocated some of that money he was using to run negative ads to building campaign headquarters in Ohio and other battleground states. Not so. It seems that Romney was counting on the immense sums of money given to his campaign by Super PAC donors like Sheldon Adelson—billionaire casino developer and nuclear power plant owner—to impact “low-information voters” through television ads. In the years of yore, before catastrophic Bush Years, when the white voting bloc reigned supreme, these tactics may have worked.
But the demographics of America are changing, and where white voters formerly held the electoral majority, the “minority” vote has become the majority, and white voter numbers are in rapid decline. This means that while the Republican Party has made it their business to cater to the ideologies of the white voting bloc, they will now be forced to change their strategy.
The effect that demographics had on seven key battleground states was immense. Shifting demographics turned what could have equated to a victory for Romney, into a landslide for Obama in Ohio, Virginia, Iowa, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Nevada and Colorado.

 BarackObama is a President the American people can trust, not someone who says one thing in the eyes of the public and something else in a private conference room.

 Mitt Romney, on the other hand, wouldn’t even release his taxes for the American people to see. Obama accomplished many good things in his first four years as President: growing job growth, reducing healthcare costs and killing Bin Laden, just to name a few.

 But besides running a superior campaign, Obama is likeable, trustworthy and honest. Even Romney's fellow Republicans can't stand him. After losing, these words spoken by political analyst Larry Sabato ring true: ""I just don't think Romney ever established an emotional connection with much of anybody in the party. He was essentially a cyborg designed to win the presidency, and when he failed he was placed in the disposal bin." Good riddance Mitt Romney!

mitt romney pumping gas
Mitt Romney pumping gas

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