Monday, March 31, 2014

Home is Where the Heart Is.

The holidays, as in Christmas and New Year's of last year are over and done with, but warm thoughts of Home will linger all year. And why not? A house is a home is a refuge. So I wonder why Thomas Wolfe concluded you can never go home again? Perhaps the poor guy simply lost his way. Hopefully one day he'll find the path that leads home. Home. Its crab windows do not permit escape. Its doorways, vertical coffins, closed to seal our fate. Oh, but I would rather remain inside anyway. Or at least stay within the boundary of the property because there's danger beyond its border.

Cruel world, you know. Leave me within the safe confines of these four walls in whatever form they may take: house, mansion, shack, adobe, condo, car, tent, single or double-wide, cottage, cave, lean-to, tenement/brownstone/townhouse/ apartment. Home can be where the buffalo roam. Home is where and what I designate as such. I suppose some folk even find solace in jailhouses, spider holes and underneath expressway bridges. Home. The most special place in the whole world. The source of all our emotions. What happens in our first home, the womb, profoundly affects us all our lives in ways both physical and mental.

And Lord knows how home conditions impact the lives of young children. In a worst case scenario involving violence and abuse how do the children feel about the home they grew up in? Not warm and fuzzy, that's for sure! And yet some part of them will always remain in that home though they can certainly build for themselves a new home that's safe and comforting. Safe and comforting. The source of our nature, essence, being. Sounds great but there's one big drawback in this equation. Home is also a prison, as we've already seen. It's a place that nurtures us but never releases us. A place that confines us forever in a gentle, loving embrace.

Even if we were able truly to leave home, where would we go? And here I mean home in the general sense, not just the ancestral or childhood home. Is it even possible not to have a home? Without opening a philosophical debate I think the answer to this question is "no." Think about it. Every type of motion is followed by a period of rest. To me, "rest" is the "home" state for whatever entity is in motion. So it defies both logic and nature to contemplate a world where a home state does not exist for any person, thing or concept. Imagine how there could be no concept known as a Home Page on the Net, for example. Or no home plate in baseball.

No Home Office or home court; no Heavenly home; no Home Depot. Yikes!! But what about nomads and amoeba, you ask; where's their home? Answer: Home is not defined by or limited to 4 walls. Home is as much a state of mind as it is a physical entity. Home is our eternal destiny , the place we've always been and are even now journeying toward. I sincerely hope this year takes you a step closer to home.

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